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ZDA Express
Founded in 2018, we are a large cross-border logistics company with four overseas warehouses in both the East and West, as well as our own accounts for major carriers such as USPS, DHL, and PB, enabling nationwide shipping in the United States. ZDA collaborates with several top-tier express parcel delivery companies and various platform e-commerce sellers. Our daily order fulfillment volume exceeds 5000+, with over 100,000 parcels shipped per day.
Daily shipment volume
Account order volume

Price advantage

Focus on the U.S. Marke

First-hand local US accounts with the most competitive discounts.

All other accounts are first-hand local accounts, safe, stable, and reputable.
Our own exclusive USPS first-hand account, offering highly competitive T5 discount rates directly from USPS

System advantages

Focus on the U.S. Market

Combining system
advantages to enhance
logistics efficiency.
In-house IT team USPS label printing system Overseas warehouse management system Tailored functionalities for diverse clients
Leveraging flexible cooperation with high efficiency and fast completion time. Drawing from real frontline experience accumulated over time.

Customer service advantage

Focus on the U.S. Market

Swift response, precise execution, and efficient fulfillment of needs. Our professional team provides comprehensive answers and offers guidance for exceptional situations to ensure smooth operations. We listen to your needs, provide high-quality service, and serve every customer with dedication.
Agile team collaboration
News Updates
Focus on the U.S. Market

Earlier in May this year, a major case involving fake shipping labels worth up to 420 million RMB was exposed in the United States. Lijuan 'Angela' Chen, aged 50, was detained by inspectors from th...
According to the latest information from Charging Culture Media, Bolloré Logistics stated yesterday that due to the impact of the Red Sea conflict on shipping through the Suez Canal, there is an in...
According to the latest information from Charging Culture Media, DHL Express workers, represented by the truck driver union, are on strike at multiple locations in the United States to show support...
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