ZDA Express
First-hand accounts, competitive prices, secure and stable, extensive coverage.
ZDA Express
Founded in 2018, we are a large cross-border logistics company with four overseas warehouses in both the East and West, as well as our own accounts for major carriers such as USPS, DHL, and PB, enabling nationwide shipping in the United States. ZDA collaborates with several top-tier express parcel delivery companies and various platform e-commerce sellers. Our daily order fulfillment volume exceeds 5000+, with over 100,000 parcels shipped per day.
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USPS account
We have our own first-hand accounts for USPS-GDE and NSA, offering highly competitive prices with super low discounts, and we can deliver nationwide across the United States.
We have our own independently developed label printing system that generates shipping labels in real-time, meeting the order fulfillment requirements of platforms like Pinduoduo's TEMU, with 99% of orders processed within 3 seconds. We offer full cooperation to accommodate any system-related needs and can integrate with most ERP and label printing systems available on the market.
US DHL account
We have our own first-hand account for DHL eCommerce Solutions in the United States, with significant pricing advantages. Our services cover GROUND, EXPEDITED, and MAX, allowing for cost optimization tailored to your specific needs.
We offer delivery services to ports in New York, Chicago, and California in the United States, and provide pre-online services for transportation status. Our in-house label printing system supports 24-hour order processing.

US PB account, Pitney Bowes International Mail Services. The biggest advantage lies in its affordability, catering to the economic line characteristics. Starting from various customer needs, we have a rich structure of label printing accounts to accommodate multiple port deliveries. Our pricing includes fuel surcharges, and there are no additional deduction bills under normal circumstances.
US PB account

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