Overseas Warehouse
Four Self-owned Warehouses, 60+ Chinese Employee Team
Midwest, and Western United States. With a team of over 60 Chinese employees, we specialize in precise division of labor for small parcel forwarding, backed by years of experience. Our commitment ensures same-day order fulfillment with a 95% online availability rate within 24 hours. Our transparent pricing structure, devoid of hidden charges, guarantees competitive rates. Our teams in both China and the United States provide round-the-clock service with exceptional coordination. Zhongda International boasts several years of operating self-owned overseas warehouses in the United States, offering mature, secure, and expedited warehousing and distribution services for Chinese sellers. Our American overseas warehouse services integrate warehouse management, order management, inventory management, and logistics distribution management into a comprehensive international logistics solution. This enables Chinese sellers to ship directly from the United States, thereby reducing order cycles and enhancing user experience. Leveraging the robust logistics network in the United States, we ensure safe, accurate, timely, and cost-effective delivery of goods to recipients' hands.
Chinese Employee Team
24-hour Online Rate
Advantages of Overseas Warehousing
Four Self-owned Warehouses, 60+ Chinese Employee Team
Thoughtful Service
Warehouse Utilization Process
Security Guarantee
Transportation Advantages
Delivery Capability
Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees, Competitive Pricing, 24-hour Service from Teams in China and the United States, High Level of Cooperation
Purchase Transport Insurance Full Cargo Monitoring Fast Claim Processing
Fast Delivery, Strong Selectivity Convenient Process, Door-to-Door One-Stop Service Rich Experience in Industry Transportation
Seamless Integration with Postal Networks for Comprehensive Delivery Multiple Channels Available for Optimal Service Provision Local, Well-Established Truck Delivery System
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24-hour Service Hotline:15601847915
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Overseas Warehouse
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