DHL Express workers are on strike at multiple locations in the United States.

According to the latest information from Charging Culture Media, DHL Express workers, represented by the truck driver union, are on strike at multiple locations in the United States to show support for the strike that took place a week ago at the company's major aviation hub located at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).


Truck drivers, representing over 1,100 DHL employees involved in cargo handling at CVG and a total of 6,000 workers nationwide, refused to cross picket lines set up by CVG staff in Boston, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The exact number of workers currently unemployed is temporarily unclear.


After a year-long campaign, workers voted to join Teamsters Local 100 in April and began collective bargaining for their first contract in July. They initiated the strike on December 7, as their demands for increased wages, improved safety conditions, and an end to alleged union-busting activities were not met.

This strike occurs during the busiest time of the year for parcel carriers, as they are in the final sprint of delivering online shopping and personal gifts during the holiday season.

DHL has introduced temporary workers and management staff to fill the labor gap in Cincinnati and rerouted cargo planes to other gateways in its aviation network to maintain efficiency and service levels. The CVG hub processes 130 flights daily, serving as a base for 60 aircraft, and handles 80% of all goods from the Americas transferred through the CVG hub.


"As picket lines expand to more cities in the coming days, DHL will feel a deeper level of pain. I strongly urge DHL to correct their unfair labor practices, return to the negotiating table, and start negotiating with us sincerely immediately instead of playing games," said Local 100 President Bill Davis in a press release.

DHL has stated that negotiations will not resume until January.

"This week, DHL Express has seen truck driver union members take strike action at various locations in the United States. We have actively deployed contingency plans to ensure our customers receive the high level of service they expect from us at this crucial time of the year. We have maintained normal operations across our entire network, including our CVG hub, while working to minimize potential disruptions that may occur in our industry during the peak season due to weather, increased volume, and other factors," DHL stated in a press release.图片

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